Hand and Paw Project™


Deborah's ability to capture her feelings in her art, can be now be realized in the Hand and Paw icon. 

Her dogs Moka and Java, were a great inspiration to her. She rescued them when they were 7.5 weeks old from a shelter on Maui. Their unconditional love flowed through her, and thus the vision for this magnificent piece of art came to life. It was first produced as a bracelet and keychain and has evolved into a full line of Leather and Vegan leashes and collars. "Wearable Works of Art for You and Your Pet"™. A portion from every sale is given to local shelters and rescues, as well many products are donated to assist these organizations. This beautiful work, acknowledges the relationship that we humans have with our animals. The Icon is of her hand and her dog Moka's Paw. Moka passed over Rainbow Bridge back in Jan 2015, and so her brother Java has become the Ambassador for the Hand and Paw Project. "Helping One Paw at a Time"™.  The photos below are of them when they were approx. 12 weeks old, when they journeyed  to the West Coast, Together on Maui, and handsome Java Bean!