Hand and Paw Project Videos

Artist, Deborah Groenheyde, was inspired by her dogs (Moka and Java) to create this wearable art. The unisex Hand and Paw wearable art is a unique, physical manifestation of the unconditional love that flows between all of us dog lovers and our favorite fur friends.

This beautiful work of art, depicting Deb’s hand and Moka’s paw, simply and powerfully symbolizes the close and special relationships that humans have with their animals.

The Hand and Paw Project helps sustain Animal Shelters worldwide by donating a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of each piece of this unique wearable art, which means that you can feel good about helping dogs in need, and look stylish at the same time!

To learn more about Deb and her jewelry please watch the videos below.


About the Hand and Paw Project


How to Size Your Hand and Paw Project Bracelets


The Artistry of Deborah Groenheyde


You can also visit the Hand and Paw Project YouTube Channel.

Thank you for supporting us and helping our fur friends in need!